What is Augmented Reality?

A summary of our currently available AR Services

Catherine Taylor

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What you need to know about Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality (AR) is part of an exciting set of new media technologies. Including Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality, these new technologies are set to change the way we work and experience design forever. AR fuses the digital and real world together, static print becomes like a screen, with sound, video and interaction. It works through your mobile device camera and is activated by scanning an AR/QR code which takes you to the experience. When you look at the printed page or object through the mobile device camera you will see it come to life! Watch videos, view 3D objects and animations, hear sound and narration, and interact with the contact such as clicking links to more information pages on your website, event listings, calendar, other content that is web based such as PDF, image files, and other documents that can be downloaded to the user's mobile device.

There are two main types of Augmented Reality services that we offer.

1. The first is AR for Print.  Whether you need business cards, flyers, posters, large banners, books, greeting cards, T-shirts, even mugs, freebies and other promotional items, if it can be printed it can be augmented!

2. The second is 3D Web AR.  This is a web based AR technology that allows for 3D photo-realistic objects such as products, to be viewed in the user's own space.  For example, if you have a business that sells ornamental objects such as vases, figurines, sculptures and other decorative items, a 3D model of the product would be available for the user to see in their own space in real life proportions.  This is incredibly useful for generating more sales, as it allows the user to be able to see how the product would look, fit and interact with their own environment such as their lounge, bedroom or even garden, office or outside space.

The 3D objects can be moved around with ease, to allow for correct placement in the chosen environment.  A lamp can be placed on the user's table, an ornamental garden statue could be placed in the user's patio area of their garden.  This is an incredible technology with a multitude of use cases and will certainly be a big driving factor in generating more sales. This will mean less returns resulting a higher profit for your business and greater customer satisfaction. It is also incredibly fun so their is an entertainment factor that keeps a user both engaged and likely to return.  The 3D models can even be shared by email or social media, which is a valuable way of creating viral information. 3D Web AR is set to revolutionise e-commerce and online sales.


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